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Blog Post Reflection On Blog 3

Posted on: November 5, 2009

I want to start off by saying I like how you put some background information into your post, where, when, how, and what the causes were of Terri’s death and her illness. I also want to say your paragraphs are well written and make a clear point. But I don’t understand why you would agree that the Federal Government should get involved in these types of topics but that you don’t agree with George Bush to discuss these topics, George Bush was the president, the leader of the US’s government at the time, the federal government. I agree with you in that the federal government should get involved if necessary and should make the decisions, because if they didn’t than who would have enough knowledge and understanding to have an unbiased opinion on what to decide. But I believe that George Bush had a right to step in and make a speech about the case, people voted him to be the leader for a reason, they like and appreciate his views. He is someone that people can admire and respect, not everyone has to believe every word that he says, but sometimes its nice to hear what someone has to say and than determine wether you agree or disagree with their opinion. In this case I believe this is what President Bush was doing, he was trying to give his insight to the people, it his job as a politician to reach the people, to give them a pathway of understanding.

Based on Yun Jun Jung’s Blog Post #3



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