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I want to start off by saying I like how you put some background information into your post, where, when, how, and what the causes were of Terri’s death and her illness. I also want to say your paragraphs are well written and make a clear point. But I don’t understand why you would agree that the Federal Government should get involved in these types of topics but that you don’t agree with George Bush to discuss these topics, George Bush was the president, the leader of the US’s government at the time, the federal government. I agree with you in that the federal government should get involved if necessary and should make the decisions, because if they didn’t than who would have enough knowledge and understanding to have an unbiased opinion on what to decide. But I believe that George Bush had a right to step in and make a speech about the case, people voted him to be the leader for a reason, they like and appreciate his views. He is someone that people can admire and respect, not everyone has to believe every word that he says, but sometimes its nice to hear what someone has to say and than determine wether you agree or disagree with their opinion. In this case I believe this is what President Bush was doing, he was trying to give his insight to the people, it his job as a politician to reach the people, to give them a pathway of understanding.

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From a legal standpoint, do you agree or disagree with the decision to remove the feeding tube?

Yes, from a strictly legal stand point, I believe that Michael Schiavo had the right to remove the feeding tube for his wife. It doesn’t matter wether Terri would or wouldn’t of wanted her husband to make that decision, she made the choice to marry him, knowing that if something ever happened the other would be responsible to make the decisions. Both of them knew going into the marriage, that the marriage would be law binding, “in sickness and in health” is part of the wedding vowels, that they both said when they got married, and Michael had a legal obligation to his wife. “The law is where we define the beginning of life and the ending of life” Hyperlink to video. The beginning of Terri’s life can foreshadow the beginning of her life and the ending was chosen by her husband, the man she had given the power to.

On insistence from President Bush, Congress met in special session to pass legislation moving the Florida case from the state judicial level to the federal level.  In your opinion, was this an appropriate move?

Yes, because Terri Schiavo was not the first woman to ever be in this situation, where her husband and her family were battling for the power of attorney for her treatment control. If this case continued only on the Florida state level the publicity and the knowledge of this situation would not of been so massive. Because of the case being spread into the federal level, more people became aware of the situation, they were able to consider the pros and cons to each side. The national government should of played a large part of this because, with all of the people being involved were US citizens, they all had the equal rights, and were all aiming to do what they thought was best for her; where the birth certificated given to the parents and the marriage certificate given to Michael were both issued by the national government, thus showing the importance of this case needing to go to the national level, not just the state level. The decision was extremely important, it was life or death, a decision with this much intensity and arguments on either side was necessary to go to the national or federal level.
Do you believe the federal government has the authority to decide whether family members have the right to remove a family member from life support?

Yes, if the federal government doesn’t have the authority than who would? The federal government is elected by popular sovernity, the leaders are leaders because people believe in what they feel is right, they admire their beliefs and many strive to be just like their leaders. If the federal government didn’t have this authority than where would it go to? The State? The state government is below the national government, if each state had a different belief on if a family member could be removed from life support than how would it be determined. Each citizen has a next of kin, a person who will decide medical decisions for them when they are not capable to make them for themselves. This is necessary, and I believe that the federal government should make a regulation where any next of kin can make the decision to take a family member off of life support, especially if the family member is a spouse or life partner.

Terri_Schiavo_protestPicture about the protesting going on outside of hospitals and of court houses about the trials and Terri’s condition. (Link to a Creative Commons video).


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